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CB1 Wedge Set

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What our customers have to say

The forgiveness in these clubs is unmatched, the full face groove finish provides forgiveness on shots you wouldn't have otherwise. The copper finish is always a talking point amongst the guys on the course, you wont find anything anywhere else like it! Amazing product for great value!


I watched a couple reviews on these wedges, and as stated they are just as good as the Vokey they are made next to. I was never able to get real loft with a wedge around the greens until these bad boys arrived. Not only can I lift and place the ball now, I also have incredible backspin and bite. If you don’t use a durable golfball you WILL see these things skin your ball on impact. I mean wow, they BITE.
Love love love em. All three for the price of one mainstream wedge. I am astounded.
A+++ highly recommend checking these out.


With high-end wedges running upwards of $160+ per club, these Bermuda wedges just make sense. Easy to spin, sensible bounce relative to loft, and more forgiveness than other wedges I have used. Perfect for high and low handicappers alike. Love the copper finish. Do yourself a favor and grab these over the Lazarus or Bomb Tech brands. Clubs were packaged well and arrived quickly!

Matt C